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Country Racing Syndications

CRS is extremely proud to be the only syndication company fully focused on country horses, breeders and trainers. CRS offers a premium quality product with a boutique-style stable and service. ​

Nothing beats owning a horse. CRS is all about the ultimate horse ownership experience. With CRS you will be able to meet the jockey, chat with the trainer and have celebratory drinks after the race regardless of the result. CRS also ensures that we hold regular social events including  race day events, open stable days, attending track work for owners so everyone can get together, network, socialise, and have the a one-on-one experience with your horse regardless of how big or small your share is.

We have built our reputation on integrity, transparency, communication and accessibility. We believe we can provide the perfect recipe for success and every owner deserves honest communications on their investment. We also seek to create and maintain a great relationship with all customers, no matter what percentage they own, we aim to be accessible to all owners on race days and owners’ days. CRS values are crystal clear.

Management & Selection

Our hands-on team will look after all the details and daily management for you, from personally selecting the horse and carrying out the relevant due diligence before buying, through to choosing the right trainer. At all stages of your horse’s career, we work hard to make sure we get the best results for your horse while you relax and enjoy your ownership experience. Unlike most other syndicators, our director maintains a major share in each horse. That’s our guarantee that we will be with you all the way and doing our best to capture that winning feeling.

At CRS, we are constantly planning and managing each horse for our owners. Whilst the majority of day to day management is vested with each trainer, we feel it’s important that we play an active role in the planning and management for each horse to maximise the success and enjoyment for our owners, and the welfare of each horse under our care.


The beauty of syndication is the ability to purchase a share as small as 2.5% in your chosen thoroughbred. In addition to the lower purchase price, you will only be paying your percentage of the horse’s bills. Despite much lower outgoings, however, the thrill of winning a race is as great for a 2.5% owner as it is for a 100% owner!

Incentive Scheme

CRS reaffirms our commitment to our mission statement of providing real horses for real people whilst supporting country trainers and breeders. By striving to make racehorse ownership an easy affordable lifestyle choice we offer our tiered incentive structure on our monthly fixed flat fee.

Tiered Incentive Scheme                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Metropolitan trained horses – $110.00 per 2.5%  monthly fixed flat fee.                                                                                                                                        Provincial trained horses will receive a 20% discount on monthly fixed flat fee.                                                                                                                Country trained horses will receive a 30% discount on monthly fixed flat fee.

Ownership Options

CRS recommends that our clients spread their risk and take an interest in as many different horses as they can. For example, if you can afford to own a total of 10% in one horse, why not take 2.5% shares in 4 different horses. This will give you a real chance of sharing in a top class horse. This philosophy has proven very popular with our client base.


CRS prides itself on providing you with detailed communication at all stages of your horse’s career. We use the industry leading communications platform miStable Owner Portal which includes an app that allows you to view all your horse details and updates in one convenient place.

We aim to provide a fully involved thoroughbred racing experience to all our clients, update you will expect to receive are:

  • Regular Updates on Race Horse Spelling & Pre-Training (Audio & Visual).

CRS aims to keep our owners as informed as possible on the progress of their horse. Regular reports will be given on your horse whilst spelling and also once your horse is ready for pre-training you will be notified and updated on the progress and comments from the pre-trainer.

  • Weekly Updates when your horse is in Full Training (Audio & Visual).

Once your horse is in full training, our owners will receive a more detailed report on the progress of their horse whilst in track work and detailed comments from our trainer and on occasion’s video footage and photos of your horse in full flight.

  • Relevant Race Information, Including Nominations, Acceptances, Weights and Barrier Draws.

A report with all the relevant information to our owners will be sent when their horse has been entered into a barrier trial or is nominated and accepted for a race.

  • Pre-race & Post-race comments from the trainer and jockey’s

During the horses race career, we will constantly be liaising with our trainer and jockey to ensure our owners are well informed and updated pre and post-race including full race fields and jockey appointments.

  • Insider Reports from Trainers and Jockey (Audio & Visual).

As owners our trainers and jockeys will give you there opinion on how your horse is expected to perform including pre-race instructions.

  • Delivery of Photos, Video Footage (including Jockey Cam) of your Horse

Additional photos and video footage will be provided from time to time

  • Newsletters

The owners’ exclusive monthly newsletter details what happened within the stable in the month prior.

You will be kept entirely up to date, and you can always contact CRS to ask any questions you would like.

Naming Our Horse

As an owner you will have the benefit of participating in the naming of your horse (when applicable). We encourage all our owners to personally involve themselves with naming their horse. Owners will be asked to put forward a name of choice which will then be voted on and upon availability, one of the names submitted will be picked and lodged with the Registrar of Racehorses to be named.

Race Day

All owners with shareholdings of 5% or larger are guaranteed to have their name listed in the race book as a registered owner. Owners with 2.5% shareholdings may be required to be formed into members of Country Racing Syndicate which will appear in the race book as there are only 20 names permitted in the race book by Racing NSW.

You will be entitled to Racetrack entry, member’s area entry with passes into the enclosure/mounting yard and the designated owners room/area where you can enjoy complimentary refreshments whilst watching the replay of your horse race. Where possible you can have one on ones with our trainer on race day and plenty of opportunity for photos with our horse.

Easy Monthly Billing

CRS plans to make ownership as stress free as possible. Ongoing monthly expenses are easy with a monthly fixed flat fee per 2.5% share. This does not change regardless if your horse is racing or spelling which makes it easy to decide whether you can financially commit to a racehorse without the nasty surprise of a big bill.

Tiered Incentive Scheme                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Metropolitan trained horses monthly fixed flat fee of $110.00 per 2.5% share.                                                                                                                          Provincial trained horses will receive an incentive of 20% reducing the monthly fixed flat fee to $88.00 per 2.5% share.                        Country trained horses will receive an incentive of 30% reducing the monthly fixed flat fee to $77.00 per 2.5% share.                     

This fee covers training fees, spelling fees, pre-training, general vet fees, floating, dental, chiropractor, shoeing and administration fees etc. It does not cover extra-ordinary costs such as excessive veterinary bills, interstate travel, major race nominations and acceptance fees etc.

CRS settles all bills directly and manages the entire process. All you receive is one clearly itemised statement per month. It takes all the hassle out of ownership. The entire process is managed for you. No bills from 3rd parties

We provide several payment options. The simplest way is to get set up on our direct debit facility, which takes payments on the 15th of each month. However, some owners like to pay in lump sums in advance. After you have established your first account with CRS, it’s easy to add more horses in the future. You can have multiple horses with multiple trainers, but still receive the one easy invoice/statement each month.

Peace of mind

All CRS publicly promoted syndicates are offered under Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). These are governed by detailed agreements and deeds which protect the rights of shareholders. These documents are vital in co-ownership situations and enable CRS to professionally manage each horse. Our Product Disclosure Statements, agreements and deeds are prepared by Stable Connect, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that your investment has the backing of a fully licensed and registered syndicator.

Take a look at our available horses today or feel free to enquire via our website.

Pre-training, Spelling & Breaking

CRS uses a variety of pre-trainers, spellers and breakers because we believe that this is as important as which trainer we select. We are always striving to ensure our racehorse come first and believe that this is where all the difference is made when it comes to our horse’s physical and mental progression. With this approach we can specifically select what would suit our horse’s requirements and best tailored programs to their individual needs.

Whilst most of the CRS horses spell at Briddon Park at Wantabadgery in the Riverina region of NSW. We also spell horses at Jaghill Stud at Lawrence in Northern NSW, and Southglen Stables just outside Grafton NSW.

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PO Box 506 Rozelle, New South Wales, 2039 AUSTRALIA

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