Breaking-In how its done

Breaking-in is the term used to describe how journey young thoroughbred horses go from being just athletic horses to real racehorses. So what does it entail?

The phrase “breaking-in” is often used, although it is simply one aspect of the education process for young horses. Breaking-in is usually performed by a specialist and is the process of slowly introducing them to life as a racehorse, and it has both physical and mental elements.

The breaker teaches a horse how to walk, trot, and gallop while remaining balanced and composed. The horse must learn these basics before being allowed to work with a trainer and jockey at the track.

The Breaking Process

Generally speaking, breaking yearlings means getting them used to being around other horses while keeping them safe. Breaking them in is a matter of training them to become accustomed to the noises and activity that surround an atmosphere of racing

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