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Wondering how it all works! 

What is racehorse syndication?

Racehorse syndication is a great way to buy a racehorse, at a fraction of the cost. Owners purchase a share in the horse, and from there all the costs are split evenly between the owners pro rata per share held.

Owning a racehorse is one of life’s unique journeys but most of all, it is an excuse to get together with friends or people with a common interest. We are here to cater for that, win, lose or draw.

Do I need to own an expensive horse to win big races?

No, it is the belief the more you pay for the horse the better the results and the faster it will run.

The price paid for a horse does not indicate how many races it will win.

So how do I purchase a share in a racehorse?

When it comes to Australian thoroughbred sales and syndicates, CRS can provide you with the assistance you need to successfully enter the exciting world of horse racing.

If you have been wondering where to buy racehorse shares, we can help. Give us a call, and we will send out to you the relevant information pertaining to the horse you are interested in.

You can expect the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Information Pack via email and/or we can express post a hard copy to you.

These two forms outline all the details about the syndicate being formed such as price, trainer, ongoing upkeep etc.

What does my share price include?

Your share price includes all cost incurred in the syndication process for a period of time going forward which is usually somewhere between 2-6 months (each horse is different, and all costs are clearly outlined in the PDS).

This includes, but is not limited to, the purchase of the horse, sale day costs, floating, agistment, transport, pre training, breaking in, training, vet bills, bloodstock bills, race nominations, bonus race series nominations, registration fees, insurance and much more. Plus GST on all costs.

Can I see the horse?

Yes. We will have regular open days with our trainers to view the horse and hear first-hand how your horse is progressing.

If you would like to view the horse prior to purchasing your share, just contact CRS and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

How do we select our horses?

In nearly all cases our horses are picked by our trainer in conjunction with our bloodstock advisor, pedigree analysis consultant and CSR Director David Madden.

CRS has a strict selection process based on conformation, type and pedigree. We inspects each horse, leaving no stone unturned to ensure we deliver a quality thoroughbred that pass our strict selection process.

Is my share insured?

CRS insures your share price for the first 12 months which is included in your initial share.

CRS recommends that after the 12 month period that the owner continues to renew this insurance policy. Insurance cover costs approximately 3% of the share price.

Does CRS take a cut of your prize money?

Absolutely not. It’s your horse, any prizemoney goes straight into your bank account directly from racing NSW.

How do I get paid my prize money?

All prize money your racehorse receives gets paid directly to you from the lead regulator e.g. RACING NSW usually within 14 to 21 days we do not take any percentage.

Does my name appear on the race book?

Under Racing Australia rules only 20 names can appear in the race book regardless, if you take a 5% share or more your name will appear.

We will endeavour to get as many 2.5% owners in the race book as possible.

Can I talk to the trainer and supporting team?

We have no problem with any owner speaking with our trainer and team, we actually encourage our owner’s to be involved with their racehorse and enjoy the excitement of ownership.

Life after racing

Country Racing Syndications will always acts in the best interests of our thoroughbred. When our thoroughbred career has finished, then all owners will decide to either sell, or to retire the thoroughbred, or if lucky enough send our thoroughbred to stud. CRS will guide all owner through this process as we pride ourselves on finding great homes for our retired thoroughbred. We do this through the responsible and ethical management of each thoroughbred with a view to placing them in the best scenario when their time on the track has concluded.

To help with this CRS as teamed up with Life After Racing ( a not for profit origination with the goal to retrain thoroughbred horses to be utilised as competition horses in the performance sector. For more details, please contact us or Life After Racing.

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