Tash kicked off her training career in late 2016 having begun her racing life as an apprentice jockey for the late Graeme Spackman. Unsure if she would continue her riding career, Tash was heartened by Graeme’s offer of on-going employment, subsequently becoming his foreman.

Tash loves every minute of her chosen profession – “how lucky I am to be able to make a living working with horses” she enthused, adding that she “lives and breathes horses.”

Admitting that she grew up dreaming about horses each and every day, Tash is proud to be a hands-on trainer, taking great pride in making a positive difference to the lives of her equine charges.

Career highlights for Tash include a quinella in the Goulburn heat of the 2019 Country Championships, a major feat for a small trainer. Subsequently Al Mah Haha placed in the 2020 qualifier and was only just beaten in the Country Championship at Randwick,

Tash trains from on-course stables at Goulburn where she has access to fully maintained sand and grass tracks, as well as a relaxing hill track and a small track away from the main course.

She also utilises a horse-walker and her stables are designed to be large, bright and airy keeping in mind that happy horses (and happy staff!) make for a successful stable… fresh air, good feed and exercise all paramount combined with the crisp country air.

 “Horses thrive in these conditions due to the way their bodies work,” Tash said, noting that the horse’s need to see what is happening around them is also taken into consideration with their views enabling them to see out into the distance.

Serenity is also important, hustle and bustle minimised and Tash rides her own horses which gives her a great feel for how they are going. She also watches them closely on the ground when others are riding – to see how they are moving along. Most importantly for such a hands-on trainer, she is in direct contact with every horse – every day.