Understanding Thoroughbred Pedigree

The art of horse breeding is such that it requires not only an understanding of the care and training of horses but also a comprehensive knowledge of genetics. It has been said by experts in this field that “the secrets to improving any breed can be unlocked through genetic research.” This statement could not be truer when considering how significant the influence of genetics is on the outcome of an individual horse’s performance.

The Thoroughbred breed, which has produced many notable racehorses and sires (both male and female), is no exception. For this reason, horse owners need to have a thorough knowledge of Thoroughbred pedigrees. By examining a racehorse’s pedigree, owners can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their horse as well as what to expect from him or her in terms of performance capability. to help readers gain a better understanding of Thoroughbred pedigrees, this article will provide a brief explanation of how to read a pedigree page.


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